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Log Lines

Below you will find log lines for many of my completed screenplays. To learn more about a specific screenplay, please click the "Learn More" link.

Dead Mother's Numbers - Someone has forgotten to put Mum's lottery numbers on. When your number's up, your number's up... [Learn More]

Disappearing Ally - When the cop convention comes to town, a young waitress appears to become the victim of a predatory officer when she rejects his advances. [Learn More]

In a Hole - Harry's in a hole. But can he stop digging? [Learn More]

Love and Loneliness in an Advanced Technological Age (also a short play) - David, a lonely odd bod with intimacy issues, invests in a top-of-the-range cyborg sex doll, but Electra proves to have a mind and heart of her own when David's affections transfer to an actual human. [Learn More]

The Drowned Man - When an award-winning journalist is sent to investigate the apparent suicide of his doppelganger, he finds himself haunted by a secret from his past. [Learn More]