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Log Lines

Below you will find log lines for many of my completed screenplays. To learn more about a specific screenplay, please click the "Learn More" link.

2 x 3 - Keithy McPhail is jobless, wifeless and hopeless. He blames his teachers. Now it's their turn to be taught a lesson. [Learn More]

A Night on the Ward - Three hospitalized old men - ELGIN, STAVROS and HARRY - endure a night of discomfort in their beds on an under-staffed ward. Will they survive the night? [Learn More]

Brothers in Arms - Two brothers are about to go 'over the top' at the Battle of Passchendaele. But a spilled secret tears them apart before war ever could. [Learn More]

Bushfire (radio play) - In the heat of a fire, you can get burned by your own history. [Learn More]

Captive - A British energy executive beset with a cheating wife and suspicious that he may be the father of his son's girlfriend's baby, finds no solace in his new Africa posting when he's kidnapped, held for ransom and forced to plead for his life. [Learn More]

Cyclone Madge and the Unexpected Consequence - Camping. It's intense, but just how intense can it get? [Learn More]

Dead Mother's Numbers (short play) - Someone has forgotten to put Mum's lottery numbers on. When your number's up, your number's up... [Learn More]

Dog Park - Rich, a rough-as-guts Romeo, wins the hearts of Sam and Lucy when he helps foil a dog poisoner. But are their attempts to groom him into a Casanova for their friend Debbie misplaced? [Learn More]

Dress Rehearsal - Bride-to-be Bea rushes in where Maid of (Dis)Honour Jasmine fears to tread. But love conquers all, doesn't it? [Learn More]

Ellen and Troy and Eloise - If you love someone, set them free. Really?! But first you'd better meet her mother... [Learn More]

Enough - A mother and daughter must think fast when pushed to the edge and over by an abusive husband. [Learn More]

Falling for Harry - When Harry, a suicidal Hare Krishna, meets heartbroken Harriet, love is in the air. But will they take the leap? [Learn More]

Father's Day - A dead-beat dad finds a way to be with his estranged son. [Learn More]

Growing Pains - A mother and son find common cause from a situation that threatened to drive them apart. [Learn More]

Like Mother, Like Daughter - A mother and daughter find they have more in common than they bargained for. [Learn More]

Losing the Plot - A dysfunctional family faces up to faith, fate and fidelity at Big Jim's funeral. Or does it? [Learn More]

Love and Loneliness in an Advanced Technological Age - David, a lonely odd bod with intimacy issues, invests in a top-of-the-range cyborg sex doll, but Electra proves to have a mind and heart of her own when David's affections transfer to an actual human. [Learn More]

Mister Hipster Meets the Barista - A Hipster walks into a coffee shop. He likes his coffee...deconstructed. But his barista loves tea. Can opposites attract??? [Learn More]

Moving Heaven and Earth - Mankind has, finally, destroyed the earth. Now God and the Devil must find another battlefield. [Learn More]

Project 629 - A family faces eviction from the ancestral home as the Chinese government clears the way for a top-secret development: Project 629. [Learn More]

Rebound - A successful, romantically conflicted young woman chooses career over love in a desperate attempt to avoid the mistakes of her mother; but you never know what's around the next corner, or who! [Learn More]