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Rebound (Comedy / Romantic Comedy)

Log Line

A successful, romantically conflicted young woman chooses career over love in a desperate attempt to avoid the mistakes of her mother; but you never know what's around the next corner, or who!

Script Info

Script Type: Play
Genre: Comedy / Romantic Comedy
Length: 58 pages
Est. Budget: Micro Budget (less than $100K)

Screenplay Synopsis

ELOISE, a serious-minded mid-twenties career woman, is conflicted about her relationship with TROY, who's not so career-focused and serious. Sure, she loves him; but when a job offer abroad comes along, she realises where her heart truly lies.

Whilst Eloise and Troy are breaking-up Eloise takes an unexpected phone call from her estranged, over-bearing mother, SUZIE, who she hasn't seen in three years but who's just ten minutes away in a taxi. Panicked by Suzie's request to stay the night and not wanting to be seen to be like her mother, with a string of failed relationships behind her, Eloise pleads with Troy to pretend that everything is really all right between them. Troy protests but eventually relents.

Suzie arrives with baggage, in more ways than one. Straightaway she quizzes Troy - who she is meeting for the very first time - on the state of his relationship with her daughter. During the course of the evening Suzie reveals that she has fled a marriage proposal in Rome from her new man, LORENZO. Eloise, confused, asks what happened to her last romance, with Ricardo. Suzie confesses that Ricardo left her for a transsexual and that she met Lorenzo on the rebound.

With her own recent relationship history exposed, Suzie probes further into the state of Eloise and Troy's relationship. She finds out that Eloise has had a miscarriage and is about to accept an overseas posting to London, where Suzie herself used to live. A heartbroken Troy is to be left behind and Eloise is deaf to Troy's pleading to be allowed to accompany her to London.

Suzie takes pity on Troy and gives him the benefit of her life experience. Troy eventually accepts that Eloise will not change her mind about their relationship, leaving Eloise and Suzie to deepen their mother-daughter bond and Suzie to come to the conclusion that she will take a chance on Lorenzo after all.

Troy returns to the apartment a few days later and is reluctant to tell Eloise where he stayed. Eventually he confesses that he stayed at Eloise's friend MEGAN's place, which is a studio apartment. Eloise is shocked that Troy has slept with her best friend so quickly, and discovers that it's not the first time either. Troy then confesses that he was kissed by Suzie, Eloise's mother, and that Suzie has helped him 'get over' Eloise so quickly.

Eloise and Troy have sex one last time but Eloise undermines Troy's confidence and tricks him into a false sense of security while she plots her revenge. She invites Megan over and confronts Megan about her sleeping with Troy. Megan admits it but also reveals she has a new boyfriend so will not be seeing Troy anymore. Eloise eventually forgives them both and they decide it's the mature thing to do to remain friends.

Lorenzo then turns up unexpectedly at Eloise's apartment. Lorenzo proposes to Suzie, who is conflicted, but Eloise encourages her to accept and calms her nerves about marrying a much younger man.

About This Screenplay

Production history:
• 12 August, 2019: Kings Arms, Salford, Manchester, England, by Manchester ADP
• 25 September 2017: Blood Moon Theatre, Sydney
• 19-23 September, 2017: Sydney Fringe Festival, Erskineville Town Hall, Sydney (cited as one of the ‘top ten picks’ of the Fringe by FBi Radio - https://fbiradio.com/ten-picks-for-the-sydney-fringe-festival/ - and nominated for four awards, Broadway World Sydney Awards).

'Rebound' is also a feature screenplay.