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Captive (Drama / Action/Adventure)

Log Line

A British energy executive beset with a cheating wife and suspicious that he may be the father of his son's girlfriend's baby, finds no solace in his new Africa posting when he's kidnapped, held for ransom and forced to plead for his life.

Script Info

Script Type: Play
Genre: Drama / Action/Adventure
Length: 74 pages
Est. Budget: Micro Budget (less than $100K)

Screenplay Synopsis

CHARLES 'CHARLIE' STUART, a fifty-year old energy executive, is battling with a younger rival for a prestigious promotion to Africa. Get it, and it could set him up for life.

But it isn't just for professional reasons that Charlie' wants the Africa job. His homelife is less than ideal, with a waspish, cheating wife, KATE, and the chance that his son's girlfriend, SUMA, a Rwandan orphan, is carrying his child.

When Charlie's rival RODGERS threatens to expose Charlie to their boss for taking kickbacks, Charlie sees him off by pushing him under a train. He survives the subsequent police investigation and heads for Africa, but not before Kate demands a divorce, leading Charlie to confront her lover, JEREMY, and his son, PAUL, marries Suma, the girl potentially carrying Charlie's child.

On the plane to Africa, Charlie's loose lips when talking to a man who enigmatically refers to himself as THE KING', set himself up for trouble. On arrival in the 'Democratic Republic' Charlie is carjacked, kidnapped and held for ransom. He dreams of escape - and is brutally tortured when an escape attempt doesn't succeed.

But when Charlie is eventually released, he finds that freedom is more painful than captivity as he returns home to discover that his son, Paul, has died in a car accident, and Paul's wife, Suma, though she survived, lost the baby, which did indeed prove to be Charlie's.

Charlie's experience in captivity, where he faced and accepted his existential threat, has changed him, and he decides to take charge of his own life. He grants Kate the divorce she sought and forges a new life with his dead son's maimed widow, Suma.

About This Screenplay

Also a feature screenplay. Play script available from Playscripts.online: https://playscripts.online/shop/captive