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2 x 3 (Drama / Crime)

Log Line

Keithy McPhail is jobless, wifeless and hopeless. He blames his teachers. Now it's their turn to be taught a lesson.

Script Info

Script Type: Play
Genre: Drama / Crime
Length: 27 pages
Est. Budget: Micro Budget (less then $100K)

Screenplay Synopsis

Originally a short film, 2 x 3 - two ex-pupils, three teachers, and a janitor (makes six, geddit??) - follows the misadventures of Keithy McPhail and his sidekick, Ally: two dead-beats who, blaming their failed education for their present woes, kidnap three of their old teachers with a view to getting some answers as to why their lives have turned out so, well...shit. But Keithy and Ally didn't fail at school for nothing and pretty soon the teachers turn the tables on them, but all of them end up learning a lesson or two.

About This Screenplay

Originally a short film.
IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1977677/reference
YouTube: https://youtu.be/phJohQP4w1g

There's also an Australian version: '2 x 2 = 5'