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The Drowned Man (Drama / Thriller)

Log Line

When an award-winning journalist is sent to investigate the apparent suicide of his doppelganger, he finds himself haunted by a secret from his past.

Script Info

Script Type: Short
Genre: Drama / Thriller
Length: 15 pages
Est. Budget: Micro Budget (less than $100K)

Screenplay Synopsis

An award-winning journalist is summoned late at night to investigate the apparent suicide of someone who looks just like him. As he investigates he receives a telephone call - from his dead wife. In fear of losing his mind, he seeks help from his boss, but the phone call has opened the Pandora's box of his memory, and a dark secret that he's successfully buried re-emerges to eat away at his sanity, until a final confrontation with his dead wife.

About This Screenplay

* March 2021: New York Tri-State International Film Festival - Honorable Mention
* January 2021: Hollywood Art & Movie Awards - Semi-finalist
* December 2020: 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival - Winner: Best Short Script
* December 2020: Tokyo International Short Film Festival - Finalist
* November 2020: Beyond the Curve International Film Festival - Winner: Best Short Script
* September 2020: LA Sun Film Fest - Finalist
* August 2020: Independent Shorts Awards - Award Winner: Best Short Script (Honorable Mention)
* August 2020: Madras Independent Film Festival - Winner: Best Short Script
* August 2020: Caledonia Short Script Competition - Semi-finalist
* August 2020: The Flight Deck Film Festival - Semi-finalist
* August 2020: Redwood Shorts & Scripts - Official Selection
* August 2020: Filmmatic Short Screenplay Awards - Semi-finalist
* June 2020: Vegas Movie Awards - Winner: Best Short Script - Award of Excellence
* May 2020: Los Angeles Film Awards - Screenplay Finalist
* April 2020: Top Shorts Film Festival - Winner: Best Screenplay