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Luck's Ran Out (Drama)

Log Line

A doting husband, left infertile and crippled in a car crash, faces a marriage meltdown as his frustrated wife is driven into the arms of the dashing older brother who caused the accident.

Script Info

Script Type: Feature
Genre: Drama
Length: 116 pages
Est. Budget: Less than $1M

Screenplay Synopsis

TERRY runs his own business and is devoted to his occasionally overbearing wife, BRENDA. He also has a fondness for a flutter on the horses and dogs.

When Terry and Brenda decide to try for a family, their marriage starts to disintegrate. Terry finds that, after a car accident, he does not have the required sexual drive to keep at it, while Brenda begins to have second thoughts about whether this is really what she wants.

Brenda comes to realise she is attracted to Terry's brother, DENNIS, and her relationship with Terry becomes more distant. Terry deals with his troubles by indulging his passion for a flutter.

A holiday to favourite vacation spot, Spain, does not breathe new life into the marriage - it makes it worse.

Unable to communicate with his wife, Terry attempts to salvage the marriage by buying Brenda her dream villa in Spain as a surprise birthday present.

Terry's secret trips to Spain fuel Brenda's suspicions and drive her into the arms of Dennis.

With his business failing, the property venture in Spain collapsing, and loan sharks after him for his gambling debts, Terry discovers the affair between his brother and his wife. He attempts suicide and almost succeeds.

While receiving treatment for injuries inflicted by loan shark heavies, Terry meets an attractive PHYSIOTHERAPIST. As Terry struggles to master his gambling addiction he faces a most difficult decision: reclaim his first love, or take a chance on another.

About This Screenplay

* Finalist: Madras Independent Film Festival (August 2020)
* Semi-finalist: Chicago Screenplay Awards (Spring 2020)
* Quarter-finalist: WeScreenplay screenwriting contest (2015)
* Winner - Screenwriter Showcase screenwriting contest (2010)