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DeCodeMe (Dramedy)

Log Line

A biotech salesman, maliciously diagnosed with the 'latent gay gene' by a love-rival scientist, finds his life turned upside down when he's publicly 'outed' and loses his fiance, his job and his sense of self until he finally discovers the truth about the deception.

Script Info

Script Type: Feature
Genre: Dramedy
Length: 109 pages
Est. Budget: $1M - $5M

Screenplay Synopsis

GRANT DARWELL-SMITH, a handsome high-flying salesman for a biotech company, is your quintessential ladies' man. He flirts for fun and to get deals done. When he meets SOFIA MORENO, a delightful Argentine beauty, at a fertility clinic where he's dropping off a sperm sample, quite an impression is made - on both of them.

But Grant is already attached, to his brainy co-worker scientist girlfriend, TIFFANY GREEN, a knock-out blonde. Always wedded to her work, Tiffany is beginning to turn her thoughts to marriage of a different kind. Grant, however, isn't ready to settle down. He has career goals, goals that he believes Tiffany shares.

And why wouldn't Grant and Tiffany be on the same page? Together they're working on a new genetic diagnostic tool, HARM, that could make them both rich. HARM is to be launched at the massive Pharma Conference in a few days, and Grant, Tiffany and Tiffany's love-struck assistant, DR MAMBA, are busy preparing the ground for the high-profile product launch.

But Dr Mamba has a trick up his sleeve. Spurned by Tiffany in favour of Grant, Dr Mamba concocts an elaborate hoax to be played on them both.

Unexpectedly, Dr Mamba is aided in his revenge plot by Tiffany's chance discovery of a dark hair and unfamiliar earring in Grant's bed. Her suspicions aroused, Tiffany's relationship with Grant quickly deteriorates, despite Grant's protestations of innocence. And when Tiffany's professional ethics are called into question by the biotech company's shareholders, this pushes her further into the clutches of the scheming Dr Mamba.

At the Pharma Conference, Grant is duped into acting as a live guinea pig to demonstrate the HARM genetic diagnostic device. Very publicly, Grant is told he possesses a latent male sexual orientation gene - a.k.a the 'gay gene' - that could manifest itself at any moment.

Grant's life is thrown into turmoil as a result. At a visceral level, he can't accept the diagnosis that he's gay. But as a well-paid employee of the biotech company, Grant risks losing his job and benefits if he rejects the science and insists that he's straight.

Is he gay or straight? Grant is confused. He calls his mother and finds out that homosexuality runs deep in his family. And then he begins to notice all sorts of little details about his life that now start to make sense. And to the consternation of Dr Mamba and Tiffany, Grant becomes a media sensation as living proof of the gay gene.

Grant's boss, MAX, reveals himself to be gay and takes Grant under his wing. Max introduces Grant to his partner, RAFAEL, and their Argentine surrogate Sofia.

As Grant wrestles with his sexuality, he uncovers Dr Mamba's hoax, but at a cost. Tiffany, Grant's true love, is implicated in Dr Mamba's fraud, and is imprisoned. When Grant visits her, he finds out she's pregnant with Dr Mamba's child. Grant's devastated, but the void is filled by Sofia. Sofia and Grant marry, only to discover afterwards that the gay gene may, in fact, exist after all.

About This Screenplay

Extreme Screenwriting granted 'DeCodeMe' a 'RECOMMEND'.
* Finalist: Beyond the Curve International Film Festival (November 2020)
* Finalist: 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival (November 2020)
* Finalist: The Flight Deck Film Festival (September 2020)
* Critics' Choice Award: Madras Independent Film Festival (August 2020)
* Quarter-finalist: Chicago Screenplay Awards (Spring 2020)
* Semi-finalist: Miami Screenplay Awards (Summer 2020)
* OFFICIAL SELECTION: Vesuvius Film Festival (May 2020)
* WINNER: 2019 Olympus Film Festival ‘Best Original Concept Feature Screenplay’