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Table for Two? (Comedy / Romance)

Log Line

A cheating husband, unable to escape his mistress's handcuffs, has the tables turned on him when his wife demands an open marriage or a divorce, but when they both show up at the same restaurant with their dates they realize that they still love and need only each other.

Script Info

Script Type: Feature
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Length: 105 pages
Est. Budget: Less than $1M

Screenplay Synopsis

Flirtatious executive PETER CUMMING, a man unable to withstand sexual temptation - except that offered by his homemaker wife! - is enjoying a lunchtime S & M session with his deliciously depraved mistress, FIONA FOX.

Gagged and unable to spit out their safe word, Peter is physically scarred by the encounter and has to hide the evidence of his infidelity from his sexually frustrated wife, CAROL.

Things get worse for Peter when he's dismissed from his job after his secretary, GERALDINE, accuses him of sexual harassment (when it was, in fact, she who harassed him).

To escape awkward questions from his wife, Peter invents a work trip but really takes an unscheduled vacation to New York when he accompanies Fiona on her own conference trip.

Further complications ensue when Peter and Fiona unwittingly dine in the restaurant at which Peter's eldest son, TOM, works at whilst in college. Fiona flirts with Tom, an act of folly that backfires when Tom becomes obsessed with Fiona.

Peter, left alone and bored whilst Fiona is off conferencing, ironically has time to reflect on what his wife has been experiencing while he was wrapped up in his work, before the wheels fell off his career with the sexual assault charge.

Fiona, meanwhile, comes under the spell of a conference delegate, and as she falls for the dashing RUSSELL BLADE begins to lose interest in Peter.

Tom, meanwhile, on to the fact his father is cheating on his mom, tries to blackmail his way into Fiona's affections and Peter's wallet. Peter confronts Tom and blurts out that he isn't Tom's real father anyway, thanks to Carol's early affair in their marriage.

Carol, appalled by Peter's revelation, throws him out but takes him back after giving him an ultimatum: an open marriage or a divorce. Peter reluctantly agrees to the open marriage but is soon jealous when Carol starts getting dates. He tries to rekindle a spark with Fiona but that is gone, and Fiona goes on to marry Russell.

After a remorseful Geraldine confesses the truth about the sexual harassment, Peter gets his job back. On a date, he meets Carol, also on a date. But on seeing each other they both realise what they've been missing and, jilting their respecting dates, run off together to try again.

About This Screenplay

'TABLE FOR TWO? has received a 'RECOMMEND' from Extreme Screenwriting and 'CONSIDERS' from Coverscript' and WriteMovies coverage. Contest placings:
* December 2020: 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival - WINNER: Best Feature Script
* November 2020: Beyond the Curve International Film Festival - WINNER: Best Feature Script
* November 2020: Filmstrip International Film Festival - Official Selection
* September 2020: The Flight Deck Film Festival - Finalist
* September 2020: LA Sun Film Fest - Finalist
* August 2020: Madras Independent Film Festival - Award Winner - Special Mention
* June 2020: Miami Screenplay Awards - Quarter-finalist
* June 2020: Vegas Movie Awards - WINNER: Best Feature Script - Award of Merit
* May 2020: Vesuvius Film Festival - Official Selection
* May 2020: Austin Screenplay Awards - Quarter-finalist
* February: 2020 Chicago Screenplay Awards - Semi-finalist
* 2019 Rome Independent Prisma Awards -Official Selection
* 2019 Creative Screenwriting Screenplay Contest - Quarter-finalist
* 2015 WeScreenplay screenwriting contest - Quarter-finalist
* 2015 Screenwriter Showcase screenwriting competition - WINNER
* 2014 BlueCat Screenplay Competition - Quarter-finalist
* 2013 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition - Quarter-finalist
* 7th Annual StoryPros International Screenplay Contest - Finalist
* 16th Annual Fade In Awards (2012) - Quarter-finalist
* 2011 Fresh Voices Screenwriting Competition - Semi-finalist
* 2011 Champion Screenwriting Competition - Quarter-finalist
* 5th Annual Story Pros International Screenwriting Contest - Semi-finalist